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jklm studio  |  by kori martodam


        synthesis through seattle festival of dance improvisation

Utilizing the Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation as a crucible for honing our skills by the guidance of some of our favorite teachers, several members of SeaBus worked and studied together for the week of SFDI in 2017. We snagged bits of open studio time when we could and rehearsed in the off hours after class to make a work that followed directly on the heels of a week of intense research. By performance night we were exhausted and elated, and for the first time since SeaBus was founded we got to perform for our "dance parents" Chris Aiken and Angie Hauser. It was at their annual gathering, the Dance Improvisation and Performance Intensive, that the founding members of SeaBus met, and so Afterdance was as much a nod to our roots as it was an early milestone in making work together as a company.


August 6, 2017
Velocity Dance Center


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