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jklm studio  |  by kori martodam


       the wholly uncomplicated practice of co-creation

CLEAR is a real-time composition exploring the wholly uncomplicated practice of co-creation. In the urban environment life becomes increasingly complex by the day, posing new challenges and requiring complex decision at what can be an overwhelming pace. For an hour, settle with us into a state of attunement where intuition becomes reality, a wish can manifest in an instant, and all the beauty we create will arise, live, and vanish from our experience without hesitation. CLEAR is a unique opportunity to witness how very human we can be.


CLEAR is the fourth major work of JKLM Studio. Previous works include Nomads, Indigo, and Afterdance.


A special thanks to Velocity Dance Center and the Access Velocity Program for their support.


June 8 & 9, 2018
Velocity Dance Center


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