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jklm studio  |  by kori martodam


        we are the web and the weaver

Loom was the debut performance of the full SeaBus company outside the Pacific Northwest. 10 artists gathered from Washington, Ohio, Wisconsin, and California to create an interwoven series of performances in the Columbus, Ohio metropolitan area. The work itself explored ideas of interconnection despite distance, support, interdependence, and individualism. The work took place in a different venue each night, and the changing aspects of the venue—lighting, inherent soundscape, the character and texture of the walls, floor, and seating—were threads that wove into our dancing and informed the nature of each night’s unique work. In this project, our dancing was also informed significantly by the Company’s multiple opportunities to teach. We offered workshops in Dance Composition and Contact Improvisation at high school and college levels, and our collaboration as-co teachers was another thread we wove into our work. Josh Hines and Kelly Hulbert took special care in leading and crafting this project, and it’s strength and success are in no small part due to them.


October 28, 2017
Mad Labs, Columbus, OH


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